6 Benefits of Investing in Business Email Services

Signing up for an email account is now easier than ever. Moreover, many of these services are free, so anyone can use it anytime.

Since anyone can get an email address for free, businesses are also drawn to using this service. Without a sign-up or monthly fee to think of and having an account you can use to keep in touch with your client or customers, it is easy to believe that it is the perfect solution to help your business start on the right track.

You will have a communication tool that will allow you to save money as well.

However, companies using a free email service will miss out on several benefits if they continue using this option. Therefore, it is best to opt for a paid solution.

When you get an account from a business email service provider, you will have access to these advantages:

1. Better security

Emails are one of the digital tools that businesses and customers often use for communication. Because of this, your online correspondences may contain plenty of sensitive information that might put you and your consumers at risk of fraud and other illegal activities.

Free email accounts are more susceptible to hacking since cybercriminals tend to target them more. An email hosting service helps ensure that all your sensitive business data is stored in a secure digital vault.

When you use a business email hosting service, all data processed through the server is encrypted until the time you sign out. Some email providers even use 128-bit encryption in their servers to ensure more secure web mail access.

This feature filters out unauthorized access effectively, with the whole data transition fully encrypted. This keeps highly sensitive information safe and secure and prevents leakage that can compromise your business and customers.

Additionally, business web mail hosting providers are more adept at blocking infected emails even before they can reach your message inbox. Because of this, you can be sure your inbox is free from spam messages and viruses.

2. Gives your brand a professional image

If you are starting your business, one of your goals should be to create a brand that customers can trust and believe is existing and reputable. An email address that ends in your domain name can give you this image.

In a past survey, online customers say that they are likely to trust and think businesses are credible if they have domain-based emails that match their website. As such, if you want to establish a trustworthy image for your new venture, using an email address with your domain name is a good start.

Additionally, with a business email, you make your online communications more professional. Sending a business proposal or quotation to a prospective customer using a free email account sometimes sounds too unprofessional. Moreover, it is unlikely to create an impact.

Sending a similar proposal or quotation using your business email address, on the other hand, can make it look more professional, credible, and convincing.

3. Extensive storage space

Many free email services come with limited storage capacity. As a result, you may only get a few megabytes per email. This means that you won’t be able to open ones with higher megabytes and have to delete them.

This could pose an enormous problem if you are expecting large emails from suppliers or stockholders.

With business email hosting, you can expand your storage space when you need to. Aside from offering a considerably higher storage capacity upfront, some providers can also give you a choice to upgrade or downgrade, depending on your company’s specific needs and budget.

Also, the expansive storage space means that you have no messaging limits. You can send and receive as many email messages every  day as you like, thereby ensuring a smooth flow of communication within and outside your company.

4. Quick integration into other tools and platforms

Business email hosting providers have also developed their tools in a way that allows them to integrate with the apps and software you use seamlessly. As a result, your email account doesn’t have to function only as a communication platform.

With the help of your business electronic mail account, you can streamline all your communication necessities within your email.

Moreover, by integrating your email account with key apps and tools, you and your team can stay on top of meetings and work schedules more efficiently. Sharing contact information, files, and calendars are all easier as well.

Business email accounts also come with more features. You can use it for instant messaging, file storage, and more. You also have the option to add on tools when you need them.

5. Access to tech support

Although email platforms, including free ones, are now more advanced and secure, it doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter any problems with this service from time to time.

These issues include being unable to send or receive emails, backup problems, and difficulties setting up your account in a new device.

When you have a dedicated business email service provider, you can call up or send an email to their tech support team and you will get help immediately. Whether your service goes down or a feature you are always using suddenly stops working, you will get guaranteed uptimes and 24/7 support from experts who will be there if something goes wrong.

6. Cost-efficient

Lastly, although you are paying for this premium service, you will still save money when you have a reliable and professional business email account. This is especially true if you are considering having your own in-house email hosting solution wherein you have to pay for additional expenses.

These include expensive equipment, mail servers, top-of-the-line antivirus and anti-spam software applications, secure firewall, and the salary of an additional IT staff.  You can also look at great options by searching online. 

If you have a new, small, or startup business, it may be impossible to find enough money to pay for these.  

With a dedicated email hosting service, you will have your business emails hosted without the need to invest in valuable resources and time. It is also a more practical option than purchasing expensive equipment and hiring additional employees to maintain them.

A business email hosting service allows you to focus on the more crucial aspects of your venture while still reaping the benefits of a reliable business email.

With the right email hosting service and additional training on business performance, you can drive and sustain your venture’s growth and success from the start.


Sharon Mallorca is the Sales Manager at Create IT in Dubai. Established by innovative digital agency Create Media Group, Create IT has rapidly become the Middle East’s leading IT Support and IT Solutions company, providing the highest quality IT support and services to a growing portfolio of global brands.