Types of Guitars You May Not Know

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Acoustic Guitar Acoustic guitars are normally made entirely of wood, though some manufacturers, like Ovation, incorporate fiberglass composite. The soundboard, or the top of the guitar functions as a kind of amplifier. The soundboard receives the vibrations of the strings after passing through the bridge and saddle. Tone woods, unique varieties of … Read more

Countries That Use Maracas

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Native Americans, Spaniards, and Africans all contribute to the cultural diversity of Latin America. We acquired the guitars from Spain, the drums from Africa, and one of the instruments, the maraca, from Native Americans. The majority of studies concur that the Latin American native tribes are where the maraca originated. On which … Read more

Stringed Instruments from Around the World

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Instruments that create sound by vibrating strings have been around for a very long time all across the world. The possibility for a memorable “riff” has existed since people unintentionally stretched the residual tendons and sinews of their dinner across wooden fasteners. A string instrument is a musical instrument that uses vibrating … Read more

Discovering the Russian Lozhki

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Generally speaking, many cultures produce music based on the beating of a particular rhythm. Some do this with their hands, while others do it with plates, sticks, drums, or percussion instruments. Ordinary wooden spoons were transformed for Slavs into one of these percussion instruments, which were utilized for both entertainment and rituals … Read more

Learn About the Interesting History Behind Instruments Resembling Fish

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The Wooden Fish Mokugyo Fish Drum also known as Wooden Fish, is easily recognized by their completely distinctive, pleasantly piercing sound, which has the potential to captivate because of its intensity. The majority of Zen or Chan, Mahayana, and Pure Land Buddhist traditions use the fish drum almost exclusively in ceremonial and … Read more

Where Did the Steel Drum Originate?

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If you love to listen to Caribbean music genres like reggae, salsa, and calypso, you may have heard that bouncing and vibrant percussive sound that’s distinctive in Caribbean music.  The steel drum, also known as the steel pan (or steelpan) or simply pan, is a tuned percussion instrument. The “drum” refers to … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Bowed String Instruments

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Bowed string instruments got their name due to the fact that the sound is made by rubbing the strings by means of horsehair stretched on a bow. The violin family that we know today, which includes the violin, viola, cello, and double bass, came from the oldest viola da braccio, which was … Read more