Ultimate Guide to Speakers

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Speakers are used in many different situations, such as when watching movies, playing music for events and special occasions, playing games, and for other scenarios wherein you want the sound to be louder so that everyone in the venue can hear it. A loudspeaker converts electrical AC waveforms into moving air, enabling … Read more

A Guide to Soundproofing a Room

Soundproofing foam installed on the wall

If you love silence, then you must have thought about having a soundproof room at least once in your life. It is a fact that today houses are noisier than they were ever before. Sometimes, the noise becomes unbearable, and if the neighbors are also noisy, it’s game over for the peace … Read more

Guide to Really Small Bluetooth Speakers

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We are witnessing a time where devices are becoming more and more compact, and Bluetooth speakers are not an exception. Given the convenience they provide, it is no surprise that almost everyone has either owned or owns one. Since factors such as sound quality, color, design, and water resistance have a fair … Read more

Who are the top speaker manufacturers?

Be it cars, computers, laptops or home theaters, a pair of good speakers has become a necessity. However, there are a variety of options available in the market when it comes to choosing the perfect pair. Factors such as usage, taste and listening preferences of the user directly influence the decision-making process. … Read more

Guide to Buying Speakers

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If you love watching movies or listening to music, the speakers are arguably the best appliances to have on your home, since it enhances the viewing or listening experience. However, not all speakers sound the same, and some of them may be suitable in certain conditions, while others can have an all-around … Read more

Guide to Sound Bars

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A delightful home theater movie-viewing experience wouldn’t be complete without a good sound system that can produce blasting sounds that can keep you at the edge of your seat while watching. Some would like sound systems that are big and can create powerful bass, while others would just like a system that … Read more

Are Waterproof Speakers Really Waterproof?

Waterproof speakers are some of the coolest gadgets to add to your home sound system. While they can be used anywhere just like any other standard speakers, waterproof speakers are especially great addition for outdoor events, especially pool, beach and hot tub parties. There are also waterproof speakers that are designed to … Read more

The History of the Speaker

The History of the Speaker

The speaker, or loudspeaker, have been a staple when it comes to sound systems. Speakers are found in home entertainment systems, computers, and even integrated into gadgets like phones. They are used in many applications, like sporting events, parties, gatherings, seminars and the like. But have you ever wondered how the idea … Read more

Highly Stylish Speakers

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When it comes to shopping for speakers, the sound quality is the top most important deciding factor. But looks are almost as important as sounds, as no one wants a hideous piece of plastic or metal pumping out tunes in their home, no matter how good it sounds. A good-looking speaker is … Read more

Guide to Bookshelf Speakers

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Speakers are an important part of any entertainment system, so if you’re building your own, speakers are a must-have. But if your room doesn’t have enough space, bookshelf speakers are your most realistic option as they can easily fill the room with sounds. Bookshelf speakers are speakers that are meant to rest … Read more