Learn about Johann Philipp Reis and His Development of the Loud Speaker


Johann Philipp Reis, a pioneer in the realm of audio technology, invented the loudspeaker, which fundamentally changed how people communicate. Reis, who was born in 1834, persistently sought innovation and knowledge, leading to revolutionary advancements in telephony. This article investigates Reis’s life and the extraordinary route he traveled in developing the loudspeaker, … Read more

Tips for Choosing the Best Bluetooth Speakers for Boats

empty boat cockpit

You love to listen to music, no matter where you go – even while you’re out at sea. But if a pair of Air Pods is not enough while boating, a Bluetooth speaker will suffice.  But one of the challenges with having portable speakers is that many of the places you would … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Speakers

black and white speakers

Speakers are used in many different situations, such as when watching movies, playing music for events and special occasions, playing games, and for other scenarios wherein you want the sound to be louder so that everyone in the venue can hear it. A loudspeaker converts electrical AC waveforms into moving air, enabling … Read more

A Guide to Soundproofing a Room

Soundproofing foam installed on the wall

If you love silence, then you must have thought about having a soundproof room at least once in your life. It is a fact that today houses are noisier than they were ever before. Sometimes, the noise becomes unbearable, and if the neighbors are also noisy, it’s game over for the peace … Read more

Who are the top speaker manufacturers?

Who are the top speaker manufacturers

Be it cars, computers, laptops or home theaters, a pair of good speakers has become a necessity. However, there are a variety of options available in the market when it comes to choosing the perfect pair. Factors such as usage, taste and listening preferences of the user directly influence the decision-making process. … Read more