A Guide to Buy Acoustic Guitar Amp Under $200

An acoustic guitar can have different tonal qualities that depend on the size, shape, bracing, and quality of the wood used in its construction. A small acoustic guitar will have a treble response and brightness, while a more significant size will have a higher potential for bass response. 

Musicians are required to amplify the sound of their acoustic guitar without changing the character of the sound.  It is where an acoustic guitar amp comes into the picture. Selecting the right one is crucial for outstanding performance. Choosing an acoustic guitar amp under $200 can be a daunting task due to the wide range of choices available.

Determine the Use

The intended use of the acoustic guitar amp is a crucial factor. You need to think of the situation for using the device. If you plan to use the amplifier for practice, a small amp would be enough.  

You can consider buying a 20W acoustic guitar amp that can be ideal for practice at home. These amplifiers are also suitable for music shows hosted at smaller venues. If you are looking to buy an acoustic guitar amp for musical performance at larger venues, you need to look for amplifiers with a higher power (wattage).

Features to Look For 


Most guitar amps available in the market have two channels. It allows you to connect two guitars simultaneously to the amp. Alternatively, you can connect a guitar and a microphone or any device as per your need. 

  • Understanding the channel specs

Besides the number of channels supported by the amp, you need to also look at other features associated with it to fine-tune the channel’s output. Some of the basic specs you need to focus on are independent equalizers and controls. 

  • Wattage

The wattage refers to the output of the amp. It is related to channel output. Generally, the guitar amp specification lists total watts. If the guitar amp specification lists 200-watt and has two channels, it means the amplifier has 100 watts per channel rated power. 


Electric guitar amps have one or ¼ inch inputs, while acoustic guitar amps come with various inputs. Some acoustic amplifiers have ¼-inch connectors for instruments and XLR connectors for the microphone. Some of them have 3.5mm jacks that allow you to connect a laptop or an iPod. 

When buying an acoustic guitar amp, make sure it has the type of connectors you need. The number of connectors is also crucial. For example, if you want to use the microphone for your voice and guitar, the amplifier needs to have at least two XLR connectors.

Onboard Effects

Some acoustic guitar amplifiers come with built-in effects like chorus or reverb. The quality, flexibility, and variety of the effects will vary with the amplifier’s make and model.  

Feedback Control 

Guitars with higher wattage (more than 20W) have some feedback control. If you plan to use the amplifier for music shows hosted at big venues, you need one with better feedback control, impacting the tone quality. In some amplifiers, the feedback control is easy to use; a simple push of a button can enable it. 

This buying guide would help you focus on the essential factors when purchasing an acoustic guitar amp under $200.