AR And VR Poised to cause significant changes in online gambling

Today’s world is characterized by technological advancements that transform every industry from sports to banking and any other industry imaginable. While artificial intelligence is the most outstanding aspect of most innovative technologies, AR and VR are the two rapidly developing technologies in the world of online gaming.

When augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) entered the online gaming scene, users could not have it any other way. It was simply a matter of time before the technology spread to the online gambling scene.

What are AR and VR

For beginners, AR means augmented reality, while VR means virtual reality. These are similar technologies and work by altering a physical environment and how we interact with it. The only difference is in their hardware equipment and the scope in how they work.

Augmented reality alters the user’s existing environment by integrating layers of virtual objects into the physical environment. For instance, you can visualize a dragon popping out of the bush in your backyard through augmented reality.

AR doesn’t try to immerse the user or block out the real world but rather superimposes graphics and virtual objects over the natural environment. It uses smartphone apps, headsets, and digital cameras and is also incorporated into face filters and other similar tools.

Virtual reality is a technology that enables users to interact with the virtual world. It creates a simulated reality based on sight and hearing to immerse the user completely into the virtual world. Special VR headsets facilitate the technology with speakers and a visual display. VR provides a unique experience that entirely detaches you from the actual world. Basically, virtual reality features 75% virtual world and 25%authentic world.

The connection of AR and VR to online gambling

Since the first online casinos came to be more than two decades ago, they have been technologically evolving and getting better each day. While betting sites and online casinos were earlier restricted to desktop computers, now millions of users can enjoy gambling through their smartphones at any given time.

Many online casinos, such as the Sloto Cash online casinoare adjusting their technological approaches to focus more on mobile gaming, the new norm in the online gambling scene. Many are also ready for AR  and VR technologies to provide users with the best gaming experiences and stay ahead of the competition.

The VR casino experience

Good news is that virtual reality has already entered the online casino industry, whereby players are treated to virtual gambling environments. That means groups of players can play against each other and compete just like in a land-based casino. Virtual reality enables online players to visit famous casinos and locations for an utterly realistic gambling experience.

Virtual players can engage in casino games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack and even communicate with each other, a whole world of a great gaming experience. VR technology is quickly gaining ground in the online gambling industry, with AR set to take it to another level. AR will enable overlaying real objects into a digital environment which means that players will see each other through an enhanced environment with realistic pictures and sounds.

When virtual reality and augmented reality are integrated into online casino gaming, the players will be able to visualize the dealer, shake hands, hold slot machines, cards, hands, and interact more extensively with objects from the virtual world.

Card games in online casinos are set to benefit more from these technologies. VR and AR provide players with a 360° view in a virtual environment where they can see all the tables and decide which one to join, just like in the land-based casino.

The future of AR and VR technologies in online casinos

With VR already infiltrating the online gambling industry, both technologies are set to transform the sector significantly. The future of online gambling will see players enjoy an entirely immersive online gambling experience in the comfort of their homes. The experience blocks the real world replacing it with imagined environments that simulate the land-based casino experiences.

Augmented reality will provide the interactive element of a real-world setting by adding digital layers of information while virtual reality immerses the user into the virtual world of gaming. The technology is similar to the one used to pokemon go.

Hardware such as VR headsets and gloves equipped with sensors plus augmented reality create a mixed reality that is even better. Some online casinos already offer virtual reality, and the only thing left is to integrate it with augmented reality.

AR software and equipment for online casinos are still in the development phases, and the cost factor for VR equipment is still high. But as technology evolves, it is becoming more affordable and ready for integration into online casinos. As such, it may significantly define the future of online gambling.


AR and VR are highly impactful technologies in online casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and other table games. When integrated into online casino gaming, live games will feel like a reality when wearing VR headsets and sitting at a virtual table, and the benefits will go further into the future.