Baccarat strategy to use when you want to earn a solid income

Baccarat is an old game that came to us from France or Spain. Although the word “baccarat” is Italian and it translates as “zero.” The French claim that the game came from the French city of Baccarat (บาคาร่า ).The game is simple. This refers to banking games, games where all players play bank games. This game is basically for luck. Therefore, like Poker or Blackjack, Madame Luck plays a leading role here.

There is a very standard version that the game was invented in the Middle Ages by the Italian Felix Falugiren Falziari and was played by a tarot deck. But at the moment, it is challenging to discover the origin of this game. There are similar games in Spain, where it is called Punto Curve. Under this name, the game is more common in modern casinos than just baccarat. There is another version called “Game of Nine” or “Macau.”

Game rules

The number of players is not limited. You have to buy 52 decks and two decks; you must have 104 cards for the game. Jokers are not needed.

Ace gives 1 point. Size and gives zero points in tens.

The remaining cards range in face value from 2 to 9. The points of the card in hand are folded a dozen times and thrown away. “What do you mean?” – You’re surprised. I explain! For example, two nines give 18 points, but since a dozen are omitted, 8 points are obtained!

That means three nines give seven points. A jack with an eight gives 8 points, and a king and a woman give zero points. You can earn more money by playing baccarat online Betufa at these casinos.

Card distribution and scoring

Players place bets within the limits of the organization or through contracts. Croupier deals all players, including him, on one card. In total, there are two cards for each player. If the dealer has 9 points at the beginning, he will automatically win.

Do not forget that dozens are canceled, and the maximum amount is 9 points? Which one? Okay, and then let’s go. If the dealer has less than 9 points, the players see their cards. If someone has 9 points, he also wins automatically. If there are none, players have the right to buy one card clockwise.

The dealer buys the last. Cards are published after everyone believes the card. One player with more points wins. If the issues are equal to the dealer, the dealer will win. If the players have similar facts, the bank is divided among all.

Baccarat strategy

Remember that you must pay a casino 5% commission before leaving the game in case of winning a bet on any banker. Make sure you have enough money for this. Don’t bet all the chips on one of the commissions that haven’t been paid yet.

Don’t bet on any drawing – this bet is full of casino benefits at a very high percentage. Better bet on a player or banker. There is no specific strategy that can drastically change the outcome of a game, but it does not prevent most players from following the game and predicting outcomes based on several games. At the casino, you can get unique forms for such a “forecast.”

You don’t have to bet every game. If you do not want to bet on several parties, you have the right to do so. Many players do this to record the results of past games.

According to statistics, a banker wins more times than a player. Bet on the banker before losing, then wait a bit and put pressure on the banker again.

Use positive progress if you win. Hold the same amount of bets until you have two wins in a row. Next, raise your bet to half the real bet. If your initial bid is $ 50, the progress should be as follows: $ 50, $ 50, 75, $ 75, $ 100, $ 100, etc.