Best Speakers Widely Available Today

The global pandemic has made it difficult to enjoy high-quality music, with concerts and festivals being canceled and delayed time after time. Many listeners took the situation into their own hands, installing refined audio systems at their own homes. What types of speakers are the best for home installations?

What are the different types of speakers?

There’s a wide variety of speaker types available for purchase, but only a few types are actually used for common purposes. The first type of speaker you should probably know about are woofers. These speakers operate in the lower range of audio frequencies (usually between 40Hz and 1kHz), making them responsible for bass and lower-range sounds.

Subwoofers operate at even lower frequencies, most commonly between 20Hz and 200Hz. They further enrich the sound, adding deep bass – often so powerful you can feel it making your body vibrate. They’re often the loudest speakers, commonly penetrating walls and floors, and are a staple of any sound system.

In contrast, tweeters operate at much higher frequencies – up to 20kHz, adding range to the sound and producing sounds that are on the verge of human hearing – and sometimes beyond!

If you want to avoid sound spilling over a wide area, you should consider using high-quality directional speakers like the ones provided by Focusonics. Directional speakers send more focused audio waves, making sure the sound only reaches places it’s supposed to.

Where to use directional speakers?

Directional, or parametric speakers, were first adopted by the U.S. military in 2004, but now find a wide range of applications at home and in business. Known for innovative ceiling applications, parametric speakers can deliver sound to a small targeted audience, without those around being able to hear anything.

Directional speakers are commonly used in art galleries and museums, where a quiet environment is necessary. Ceiling-mounted parametric speakers can provide audio guides to the visitors standing right next to a display, without becoming ambient noise that distracts others.

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