How to play in slots pin up?

It is worth paying tribute to the company: she approached the matter in good faith and offered a well-developed product. In this chapter we will talk about the features of the Pin up website. More precisely, about some of the bookmaker’s chips.

Taking into account the large number of bonus offers, Pin up made a cool move by dividing the bonus account and the main game account. At the same time, the player constantly sees how much money he has on both accounts. The main feature is the ability to switch the account from bonus to main and back at the discretion of the player. However, switching does not work when it comes to a first deposit bonus. To play for bonus money in this case, you need to have less than 10 AZT on the main account. The bonus account itself is also divided into “free bet” and “bonus”. In the first case, you will not need to win back anything, in the second you need to familiarize yourself with the wagering conditions. Usually everything is described in detail in the “Bonuses” section of the main top menu.

Express generator

A unique Pin up option is an express generator. The player sets four parameters:

  • the amount of the bet;
  • desired gain;
  • number of events;
  • events from the line or from live.

The system automatically collects the express under these criteria. The player already decides for himself whether it is worth risking a bet on the proposed events or starting the generator again. The idea with the generator is interesting. Perhaps it is worth adding one more parameter – the size of the coefficients in the express. Plus, give in the form of a bonus for such bets from 1 to 5%. Then the chip will become full-fledged.

One-click deposit

After making the first deposit, Pin up offers to do it in one click in the future. The player’s profile automatically fills in the data on the means of payment that the bookmaker will use the next time the balance is replenished. The function, like the express generator, is unique for the market. The player clicks on the wallet in the main top menu (the “One-click deposit” option), enters the desired amount of replenishment and instantly receives it to the balance. You do not need to enter any extra data, no SMS codes, nothing at all.


Another option that Pin up offers its players is “check-edit”. The check-edit allows you to replace one of the bets in the express with another bet with the same or higher coefficient. Or add a few more bets to the ordinary.

This option is not new for the market, but it is rare. Whether it is useful or not is up to the players themselves to judge.

Accepting live bets – 6 seconds

It cannot be said that this is some kind of Pin up feature, but it is criminal not to mention it. In Live mode, all bets are accepted for up to 6 seconds. This is far from ideal when it comes to tennis or basketball, but it’s great if it’s football, hockey or another sport where events don’t change so rapidly. Unfortunately, there is a complaint about basketball and tennis: life is extremely unstable. The match then disappears from the radar, then reappears, the bets are then available, then inactive. That is, it will be difficult to put on a quarter right during the game. We need to wait for a break.