Guide to Different Kinds of Box Zithers


Zither is a general term for stringed instruments that have strings fastened across their frame. This instrument also lacks any neck or arms not unlike the lute or guitar. The zither’s resonator may be in the part of its body or it can also be attached to it. Instruments that belongs to the zither family … Read more

Guide to the Carillon

A photo of the carillon in Olympiapark Muchen

The carillon is a percussion instrument that consists of about twenty-three to seventy cup-shaped bells. Its name originated from the French word ‘quadrillon,’ which means, ‘four bells.’ In Germany, the carillon is called the Glockenspiel. These bells were housed inside a bell tower, church, or municipal building. Also, the carillon bells were played in a … Read more

Guide to the Kemenche

A photo of the kemenche of the Black Sea

The kemenche or kamancheh is a bottle-shaped instrument that came from the north-eastern Asia Minor bordering the Black Sea. This stringed instrument has a substantial symbolic value and cultural identity for the Pontic Greeks. The name of this instrument came from a Persian origin that means “little bow” or “small bow.” As well as that, … Read more

Guide to the Kutiyapi

The kutiyapi, also known as kudyapi, is a two-stringed boat lute that originated in the Philippines. Some name variations also existdepending on what region it is used. In Maguindanao, this instrument was referred to as ‘kutiapi,’ while the Maranao called this ‘kotyapi.’ At the same time, the Subanon named it ‘kotapi.’ The Tiruray people named … Read more

Guide to the African Conga Drum

A photo of a conga pair

The conga drum is a percussion instrument that originated from Africa. Its exact origin is unknown, but researchers agree that the conga was developed by Cuban people in the late 19th century or early 20th century.It is a single-headed drum that became famous after they were included in Cuban music. Traditional conga drums are made … Read more

Guide to the Wooden Fish

A photo of the wooden fish

The wooden fish is a percussion instrument that is made out of a hollow wooden block. Sometimes, a variety of wooden fishes were made of plastics. Buddhist priests usually used this instrument to beat rhythms when they are chanting scriptures. Also known as the Mokugyo, Chinese temple block or wooden bell, this drum originated in … Read more

Guide to the Taiko

A photo of the Taiko drum

The taiko is a Japanese percussion instrument that has contributed to and influenced the musical styles of Japanese music. There are different sizes of taikos. The sizes range from the size of a snare drum to the size of a car. However, the most commonly used taiko was the ‘chu-daiko,’ which is the size of … Read more

Guide to the Diddley Bow

A photo of Moses Williams playing the didley bow

The diddley bow is a primitive one-stringed guitar that influences the development of the blues music genre.It is also known as one-string, jitterbug, or monochord zither.This instrument was also considered as a starter or practice instrument in the Southern part of America, mostly in the African-American community.Nevertheless, professional musicians nowadays use the diddley bow in … Read more

Guide to the Cuatro

A photo of a Venezuelan Cuatro

The Cuatro is a Latin American stringed instrument that has its origin in Europe. However, it is usually played in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and other Latin American countries. The history of the Cuatro starts many centuries ago with the expansion of the popularity of the Spanish Guitar. The latter instrument is a four stringed-guitar that … Read more

Guide to the Crwth

A photo of the Crwth

The Cwrth (pronounced as crooth) is an ancient stringed instrument that is usually associated with Welsh music and medieval folk music of England. This instrument is also called crowd or rote and is widely played in Europe. The name crwth was derived from a Proto-Celtic language word ‘krutto,’ which means a round object, referring to … Read more