Guide to the African Conga Drum

A photo of a conga pair

The conga drum is a percussion instrument that originated from Africa. Its exact origin is unknown, but researchers agree that the conga was developed by Cuban people in the late 19th century or early 20th century.It is a single-headed drum that became famous after they were included in Cuban music. Traditional conga drums are made … Read more

Guide to the Wooden Fish

A photo of the wooden fish

The wooden fish is a percussion instrument that is made out of a hollow wooden block. Sometimes, a variety of wooden fishes were made of plastics. Buddhist priests usually used this instrument to beat rhythms when they are chanting scriptures. Also known as the Mokugyo, Chinese temple block or wooden bell, this drum originated in … Read more

Guide to the Taiko

A photo of the Taiko drum

The taiko is a Japanese percussion instrument that has contributed to and influenced the musical styles of Japanese music. There are different sizes of taikos. The sizes range from the size of a snare drum to the size of a car. However, the most commonly used taiko was the ‘chu-daiko,’ which is the size of … Read more

Guide to Pandeiro

pandeiro image

A Pandeiro is a type of hand frame percussion instrument that is popular in Brazil. It has a cylindrical shape, and it looks just like a tambourine. The only difference it has with the tambourine is that the Pandeiro’s head has adjustable tension. The Pandeiro is usually 8-12 inches in diameter; aside from that, it … Read more

Guide to the Marimba

A photo of the Antoko AMC-12 marimba

The marimba is one of the percussion instruments that is struck by a rubber or yarn mallet. Much like the xylophone and the glockenspiel, the marimba has chromatic key bars that are arranged like the keys of the piano.However, in comparison to the glockenspiel, the marimba has wooden key bars like the xylophone. Also, it … Read more

Guide to the Kubing

A photo of the kubing instrument

The kubing is a jaw harp idiophone that is notably used by several Muslim and non-muslim tribes in the Philippines and Indonesia. This instrument is known as one of the oldest instruments in the world. The kubing is made out of a thin bamboo strip or metal strip that is about two centimeters wide.Its long-incised … Read more

Guide to Africa’s Talking Drum

A photo of Africa's talking drum

The talking drum is an hourglass-shaped percussion instrument that originated from West Africa. This talking drum, sometimes called Dundun or Gangan, plays an essential role in laying the rhythmic foundation for the lead drums to talk and interact in their environment. Also, this drum holds a significant place in Yoruba culture, folklore, poetry, proverbs, and … Read more

Guide to the Flexatone

A photo of the instrument flexatone

There are several types of percussion instruments. One classification under percussion is the idiophone, wherein it can be made to vibrate in several ways. Relatively, most of the idiophones were either struck or vibrate. An example of this is the instrument called flexatone. The flexatone, also known as fleximetal, is a percussion instrument that consists … Read more