How to Choose a Brisbane Band for your Private Event

For many people, there is nothing better than experiencing music played live. From small underground venues to pubs to arenas to stadiums. Live music is a communal experience shared with the crowd, and the musicians themselves.

Australia and most other countries are full of venues where bands can be seen. Even the streets and the parks have live music courtesy of buskers. There are usually plenty of live music venues in major cities, and Brisbane is no different.

Brisbane is home to many popular venues including The Triffid, The Zoo, The Bowery, and The Foundry but there may be some occasions where you want the bands to come to you.

How do you pick a band for a private event?

There are many events where a live band is needed for entertainment. Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and even mini festivals or fetes can be improved by a local band.

If you are organizing an event you may want to consider bands in Brisbane as part of your entertainment. But, how do you select one? Below are some tips you might want to follow to help choose the right band for your event.

Watch bands live

It may sound obvious but getting out and seeing some local bands is a great way to get first-hand experience of what talent is out there. Don’t discount a band because of their musical style. Many bands will be willing to tailor their playlist for an event and play covers and popular staples.

Bear in mind the acoustics and sound system in the venue you are using and the one you are watching a band play in may be very different.

Use a band booking website

Doing some in-person research can be highly enjoyable, but it is time-consuming, and the cost will add up. Plus, with so many venues in Brisbane, you may never track down the right band.

Some local websites specialize in band entertainment and bookings for events. These usually offer images of the band, information, pricing, and samples of their music.

Search YouTube for local bands

If you haven’t had any luck with tracking down a band by attending gigs, and the band booking websites don’t have what you want, you could search on YouTube. Also, if you have found a band you are interested in, then you can listen to more of them by finding their YouTube channel or on SoundCloud.

Bands can cost quite a few bucks so the more investigation you do the more confidence you will feel. You can reach out to musicians through social media, and ask important questions.

Consider your theme and venue

If your event has a theme then you may want to consider what type of band would work well, but you don’t need to get too bogged down. However, your venue may need some consideration.

If you are holding a party in a hotel then you might have to consider noise levels and other guests. A rock band may lead you to learn how to soundproof a room. And a corporate event might benefit from jazz while a wedding may be better with a covers band.

Find a band that will meet your budget

Many bands that are available for hire will be able to work within the client’s budget. Many will be willing to work as duets, trios, or with more players, depending on the budget available. Don’t be put off by a larger band, they may be able to trim a couple of players and provide entertainment that you can afford.

Get recommendations

Nothing beats witnessing a band play live, but in a more intimate venue, the experience may be different. There are over 6,000 professional musicians in Australia, and it would be impossible to check out every one of them.

Ask around in your circle of friends and your family, plus colleagues. Someone may well have hired local musicians at some point previously. A recommendation may be all you need.

Do they have their own sound system?

One question worth asking is, who will supply the sound system and other gear? Can your venue cater to this, or will the band bring everything they require?

You don’t need to know who the top speaker manufacturers are but if the sound equipment can be supplied by someone then this is a major bonus.


Finding out how long a band has been together and what experience they have of playing for private events is worthwhile. The proof though will come with listening to them play through samples of their work or at an audition.

To find a local band you can either do the legwork yourself, search booking websites, scour social media, or ask for recommendations. Once you have a shortlist ask what they would play, and make sure that they can work within your budget. As long as you have considered your audience, your event should be enjoyable for all.